Over the years, IIMAS has organized or co-sponsored a number of different exhibits. They are listed below, with links to further informations where appropriate.

  1. 2010 - Urkesh Exhibit for the Ambassador's Residence, Damascus
  2. 2011 - "In Tune with the Past. Urkesh: The Discovery of an Ancient Syrian Civilization," Exhibit at the National Museum in Damascus; also here.
  3. 2014 - "Dal Profondo del Tempo", at the Meeting in Rimini
  4. 2014-15 - Subartu, in Qamishli and Amuda
  5. 2015 - "Dal Profondo del Tempo", at the Fondazione Dignitatis Humanae in Domodossola
  6. 2016 - Georgia: Paese di oro e di fede