Two successful IIMAS programs were carried out in its first fifteen years.

     ORGANIZED LECTURES SERIES (supervised by Daniela Buia) helped to coordinate the resources of a number of US institutions to offer presentations centered around a given topic.

     Our logo was a figure taken from one of the Terqa seal impressions, that appears to be carrying a torch.

      The two more important lecture series offered were on Ebla in 1983 (with P. Matthiae, A. Archi, G. Scandone Matthiae, S. Mazzoni Archi and F. Pinnock) and on Political and Economic History in 1984 (with M. Liverani and C. Zaccagnini).

     The HOME SEMINAR PROGRAM (supervised by Renata Liggett and then by Sara Denning-Bolle) offered correspondence courses on all major topics pertaining to Syro-Mesopotamian cultures. Several dozen students took advantage of these offerings.

     From an early brochure we list here some of the more popular course – for which extensive lecture notes had been prepared.